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You should be helping customers with your product, not with adding DNS records.

DNS Helper provides your customers step-by-step instructions for connecting their custom domains to your SaaS app, without your support team's help.

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The problem: Setting up a custom domain requires your customer to publish a DNS CNAME record pointing to your SaaS. This can be challenging for non-experts. DNS interfaces are confusing and providers use differing terminology and conventions. Some domain owners don't even know who their DNS provider is. This leads to frustrated customers and increased customer support requests.

The solution: DNS Helper is a widget that you add to your site that detects your customer's DNS provider, shows tailored step-by-step instructions for adding the CNAME record, and diagnoses common DNS mistakes - all without getting your support team involved.

Launch DNS Helper by calling a JavaScript function with the DNS record data your customer needs to publish.

dnshelper('shop.customerdomain.com', 'CNAME', 'app.cool-saas-company.com')


Many domain owners don't know who their DNS provider is. DNS Helper detects your customer's provider and provides tailored instructions.

Screenshot of DNS Helper instructing user to sign in to their DNSimple account


DNS providers use varying terminology and formats for DNS records. DNS Helper displays the record in the correct format for the provider.

Screenshot of DNS Helper instructing user to add a DNS CNAME record


DNS Helper detects common mistakes and provides tips for correcting them, avoiding the need for a customer support ticket.

Screenshot of DNS Helper detecting that the DNS record was added with an incorrect name containing an extraneous domain suffix, and suggesting to the user that they omit the domain suffix

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Reduce Customer Support Burden

Your support team should be helping your customers with your product, not with unfamiliar DNS provider interfaces. DNS Helper helps your customers succeed on their own instead of opening a support ticket.

Improve Activation Rates

Customers who fail at onboarding might not give your service a second chance. DNS Helper helps your customers succeed at a critical stage so they become paying customers.

Show Customers You Care

Customers want to feel empowered, not frustrated. DNS Helper provides your customers a good experience that shows you care about their success.

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DNS Provider Detection

Domain owners don't always know who their DNS provider is. DNS Helper detects your customer's DNS provider and links to their website so your customer knows where to add the DNS record for your SaaS. DNS Helper recognizes over 110 providers and we are always adding more. See the list of recognized providers

Tailored Step-by-Step Instructions

DNS Helper provides step-by-step instructions for adding a CNAME, TXT, or MX record at the most popular DNS providers. We keep the instructions up-to-date so you don't have to. See the list of supported providers

Our instructions specify the precise DNS zone that your customer needs to open, and show the DNS record in the correct format for their provider. DNS Helper detects if your customer already has a conflicting record, and instructs them to delete the conflicting record if so.

Helpful Diagnostics

DNS Helper checks if the record has been properly published and provides tips for correcting common mistakes, such as redundant domain suffixes or misplaced dots, so your customers can fix their own problems instead of contacting your support.

Easy to Integrate

Launch DNS Helper from your app with a single JavaScript function call. You can integrate it with your onboarding flow, your app preferences, your knowledge base, or anywhere else you need it. See the documentation


DNS Helper is available for an introductory price of $50/month for each app using DNS Helper. You can cancel for any reason and get a full refund within the first 30 days.

If you are interested in white labeling DNS Helper, get in touch.

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About DNS Helper

Portrait of Founder

I'm Andrew Ayer. In 2014, I founded SSLMate, the world's first command line-based SSL certificate provider. At SSLMate, I witnessed firsthand the difficulty that my customers had publishing the DNS records necessary to validate their certificate orders. DNS Helper is the tool I wish I had eight years ago.

While helping my customers, I saw almost every way that adding a DNS record can go wrong, and all the ways that people get confused by DNS. DNS Helper is the culmination of that experience, as well as my 15+ years experience operating DNS servers and implementing the DNS standards.

DNS Helper is a product of Opsmate, Inc., founded 2014.

You can contact us at dnshelper@dnshelper.com.